by Minus Tree

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released December 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Minus Tree Bari, Italy

4 friends from south italy.

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Track Name: Picture
This picture is what
remains of us
Looking at it
This is only past
This fire will burn
this fire will recreate
And the ashes
Will be part of the ground
I’ve been so blind
So blind and so selfish
I’m sorry
It’s hard to change
But you are not here
This picture…is burning
Burn now
burn all this sad memories
Track Name: Entity
maybe the rain will bring back
your small eyes and your bones
while I still run in a maelstrom
where there's nothing I can cling
maybe the sun will light up
footsteps hidden on the ground
black clouds are finally gone and
ray of sun shines more than ever
I can't forget all the times I thought
will never change
and here I am
there's nothing between my hands
Looking back
I can now see all the things you've left behind
this empty house
is not the same!
I can't forget all the times I thought
will never change
will never change
I always feel
all the strenght you left here
Track Name: Despite the sun
I pulled my lungs out ‘till I was breathless
but I see no victory in this battlefield
And I saw old lovers
Drinking Iodine Dancing Among storms
With no Orchestra
Playing for them
Belongs to each other
‘till morning comes
I locked my fears in a cage
destroying everything / destroying everything
I locked my fears in a cage
destroying everything / everything good in me
I locked my fears in a cage
But not only for me...
for everything around
Track Name: Light inside
I think over and over that this will be the end
I can’t stand this struggle anymore
you're not my certainty that light inside me
I started blame myself for all this
But I cannot change
I will be sad I will be alone
I’ll find my way
you're not my certainty
that light inside me
Track Name: A journey
somewhere away from home
Grey sky over my head
Knowing souls
Consuming floors
Learning lessons
Crying rest
How many time I hoped it was over
How many times I don’t wanted to end
‘but that sky is changing color
We swallowed your lies for so long
To believe it was the truth
We survived
And we felt alive
The sky is always in it’s place
‘but it’s changing shape and color
As open loving arms
Track Name: Nothing to say
While i’m here
I feel like I’ve lost
A piece of me
I thought it was you
Every day
Separates the two of us
Maybe it’s true
We got nothing more
We got nothing more to say
Track Name: The throne
In this time of loneliness
Pretenders at the door
Fake magicians
Tricks of charlatans
They only want to steal his place
They don’t care of anything
Don’t try to comfort the widow
Nothing of what you can offer
Is what she look for
She’s only waiting
for him to get back
you can’t see him
the unseen into the shadows
Catastrophic will be
his return
to take back
his most precious thing
to take back
the throne